Spinnon nopein asiakas

Spinnon kehitysohjelmat auttavat eri tyyppisiä kasvuhakuisia yrityksiä. JQ on todennäköisesti Spinnon nopein asiakas – THE Carin vauhdin voi todeta esittelyvideolta.

Spinno’s Fastest-Moving Client Ever!

A year ago, it was a great opportunity for the incubation team to coach an internationally successful motorsport professional, RC-Car driver Joseph Quagraine in his endeavour to productize and commercialize THE Car of his own design. Spinno helped him to prepare the commercialization strategy and develop the Business Plan in order to secure necessary funding with the help fund-raising services team with the aim to make the venture an international success.

Now, in the eve of shipping the first pre-ordered products to customers Spinno would like to share with you a short video how THE Car performs at some 70 km/h, powered by a nitro-methanol engine delivering approx. 1.5 hp @ 40000 rpm: THE video

For more information about THE Car, see www.jq-products.com or Facebook.

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